Eurolamp Products

LED technology

Durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly light sources that are used in homes, offices and industrial premises.

Long service life

50,000 hours or 6 years of continuous operation

Low power consumption

LED lamps consumes 2 times less energy than CFL

Our products don’t contain mercury or any other hazardous substances and meet all the requirements of EU RoHS Directive.

Smart Light

From smart light to smart home!

Make the lights work when it is necessary and at the intensity you want.

ArtDeco Lamps
Industrial lighting

Highly developed technology in the service of your business. This is all you need for lighting in warehouses, construction sites, corridors and other non-residential premises.

Halogen Lamps

These lamps have excellent color-rendering properties that are comparable to sunlight. Halogen lamps are ideally suited for crystal chandeliers, emphasizing and enriching the play of light and shade. If you want to place an emphasis on a particular element of interior, then halogen is the best choice.