7 May 2016

7 May 2016 | Article

SmartLight® fixture – a modern and cost-effective alternative to chandelier

7 May 2016 | Articles

Remotely controlled light intensity and light color, cost-effectiveness and simple installation - all of this makes SmartLight® fixture the best alternative to chandelier as of...



13 January 2016

13 January 2016 | Article

Cold, warm or neutral: how to choose comfortable lighting

13 January 2016 | Articles

Lighting, which is ideal for kitchen, might not be suitable for living room or bedroom and vice versa. We gathered some valuable tips that will...



15 October 2015

15 October 2015 | Article

What differentiates high-quality LED lamps from poor-quality ones?

15 October 2015 | Articles

High-quality LED lamp is a durable, safe and cost-effective source of light, but a low-quality LED can reduce these benefits to nothing. How to choose...