SmartLight® fixture – a modern and cost-effective alternative to chandelier

Remotely controlled light intensity and light color, cost-effectiveness and simple installation - all of this makes SmartLight® fixture the best alternative to chandelier as of today.

One would think what could be easier than choosing a light fixture. Indeed, there is a wide range of products available on the market – all it takes is to buy, connect and enjoy. However, in the process of choosing the right product we are faced with a variety of nuances – starting from ceiling height and interior design and ending with functionality of selected light fixture. This is not to mention the desire to save money during these difficult times and the need to make sure that light fixture is compatible with various types of energy-saving lamps.

While in the case of accent lighting it is possible to find a compromise solution, customer is often faced with a problem when choosing central ceiling light – sometimes the task is to combine incompatible features in one light fixture. How can you make lighting comfortable, convenient and cost-effective?

It’s good if you are at the initial stage of designing your home’s power network and you can afford to buy a “smart house” system. With this system you can programme different lighting scenarios for your home and then just press the button on the remote control to choose the required lighting mode - celebrate the New Year, watch TV or create an intimate atmosphere. But what if power lines have already been laid and you don’t have a substantial budget at hand? EurolampTM offers a solution – installation of intelligent SmartLight® LED fixtures.

SmartLight® LED fixtures representing a brand new Eurolamp Innovative line of products – this is a modern ceiling light solution with remote control that allows for light regulation and adjustment to owner's needs and purpose of the premises. One single SmartLight fixture can replace several groups of accent light and create the desired lighting atmosphere in the premise - from barely noticeable illumination in “night light” mode to bright invigorating “cold” light.

With the use of remote console you can control the fixture and adjust both light intensity and color temperature in the range of soft, warm light (3000K) to cool daylight (6500K). In addition, light fixtures are equipped with a nightlight function and memory function – light fixture restores the most-recently-used lighting mode after being turned on.

SmartLight® fixtures save money in your budget and reduce your electricity bills, since these fixtures are energy efficient and have a high light output. Put simply, these fixtures can shine very brightly indeed. All fixtures have a beam angle of 180°.

Moreover, all SmartLight® fixtures have all the standard features of EurolampTM LED products – color rendering index of all fixtures exceeds 85 Ra (sunlight has a CRI of 100 Ra). Furthermore, all fixtures are equipped with special EMC-stabilizers to avoid interference with other devices. In addition, SmartLight® fixtures are equipped with special IC-drivers for stabilizing the voltage and smoothing luminous flux ripple, which prevents lamp flicker – all fixtures are adapted to the operating conditions of Ukrainian power supply networks and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The line of SmartLight® fixtures includes various versions ranging from 16 W to 60 W, which will meet the demands of any customer in terms of price and illuminated room space.

The light fixture design will fit perfectly in a modern minimalistic or hi-tech interior, while its small size is ideally suited for ceiling height and size of the rooms in the majority of apartments in our country.

The light fixture is easy to install and won’t cause any difficulties for an average owner.

Despite being a hi-tech and versatile device, SmartLight® fixture combines two key features - reliability and user-friendliness.

The high quality and durability of light fixture are guaranteed by manufacturer EurolampТМ - the warranty period is 2 years.*

* For more details on the terms of the guarantee and manufacturer's warranty please refer to package insert.

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