LED ArtDeco: designer lighting can be cost-effective

The brand new line of LED ArtDeco lamps, based on innovative Filament LED technology, is not only ideally suited for decorating the interior, but also allows for substantial cost savings on electricity bills.

Well-known manufacturers of light bulbs never cease to amaze consumers with high-tech products. As of today, a new generation of LED light is ascending to the peak of popularity – filamentary light-emitting diodes that are manufactured using Filament LED technology.

These lamps are different in appearance compared to conventional LED lamps, and even more so compared to spiral CFL lamps, since they look like conventional incandescent lamps. The alternative names, which are commonly used in reference to these lamps, are as follows: LED retro-lamps, filament lamps, and lamps with filamentary LEDs. So what are the key features and benefits of filamentary light-emitting diodes?

 “Filament” can be translated from English as “thread”.

Linear filamentary light-emitting diodes play the role of a light source in filament lamps and have the form of rods that are made of special glass. In their turn, these rods are composed of tiny interconnected LEDs coated with phosphor.

This technology is referred to as Chip-on-Glass (COG) in the professional slang of lighting technicians and previously it has been successfully tested in the process of creating displays for mobile devices. The more LED filaments are used, the higher is the lamp power, since each of these filaments consumes 0.8-1.3 W. At first glance, LED filaments are very similar to tungsten filaments used in incandescent lamps. The majority of international manufacturers, including EurolampТМ brand, offer models with filament LEDs enclosed in frosted or transparent bulbs of various forms, including the G45 (“sphere”), CL (“candle”) and CLW (“tipped candle”) . The line of filament lamps produced under the trademark Eurolamp® was named LED ArtDeco - since filament lamp is a perfect complement to crystal and fabric lamp shades in art deco or baroque style as well as lamp pendants in loft, urban or industrial style.

Design of LED ArtDeco

Glass rods with LEDs are hermetically sealed in a glass bulb. The bulb is filled with a special gas that dissipates heat from the LEDs, which is critically important for the proper operation of lamps of this type. The glass bulb with thin walls conducts heat well, which is why it is used as a heat sink.

Filament LEDs have all the advantages pertaining to the previous generation of LEDs: they provide for 90% savings on electricity bills upon instant start and have a long service life - up to 50,000 hours. These technical benefits are complemented by attractive design. LED ArtDeco® lamps look like retro-lamps and are ideally suited for decorative lighting in contrast to spiral LEDs. Transparent bulbs demonstrate high-tech and yet aesthetically pleasing “stuffing”.

Art Deco LED lamps by EurolampТМ produce soft, warm light and provide a cozy, intimate atmosphere in the premises. Furthermore, these lamps go with a wider beam angle as compared to conventional LED lamps. LED ArtDeco lamps generate minimum amount of heat, and therefore they don’t heat up much at all.

Key benefits of filament LED ArtDeco lamps by EurolampТМ:

  • traditional shape
  • a perfect complement to light fixtures of various designs - suitable for fabric lampshades, enhance the shine of crystal chandeliers, play a magnificent “solo” in the lamp holder on a pendant
  • help to create a unique lighting style for various movements in interior design - classic, retro, vintage, art deco, baroque, loft or industrial
  • transparent or frosted glass at the customer’s discretion
  • up to 90% savings on electricity bills
  • long service life (up to 50,000 hours)
  • instant start
  • high light output
  • used in decorative lighting
  • lamps comply with international quality standards

With LED ArtDeco by EurolampTM you no longer need to sacrifice design for the sake of energy efficiency and quality.

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