Eurolamp World Rally Team
Eurolamp is the title sponsor of one of the best rally teams in Ukraine.

Strive for goals and ability to surmount difficulties are the qualities that we have developed in ourselves, and we highly appreciate the people who also possess these qualities. That is why we are the title sponsor of one of the best rally teams in Ukraine - “Eurolamp World Rally Team”. It is composed of professional racers Valery Gorban and Vladimir Korsya, who are the multiple winners of individual and team awards.

With more than 15 years of experience in rally racing, the team has had a fair bit of defeats and triumphs, while securing medal places in many competitions. The team triumphed in rally championship of Ukraine in team classification and became an all-round champion of Ukraine on 8 occasions.

Currently, “Eurolamp World Rally Team” is competing in WRC-2 World Rally Championship. Over a period of four championship seasons our pilots managed to add two bronzes to their medal tallies which happened in 2012 and 2014 WRC-2 championship in individual and team classification, correspondingly.