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At Green Power Euroelectric Ukraine, we strive to lead the market of energy-efficient, affordable and safe lighting solutions. With this aim in view, we produce durable and eco-friendly products that are suitable for different purposes and allow our customers to save money.

Our core values:

  • Credibility
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  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
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  • Safety
German quality at an affordable price

Lamps under the brand name “Eurolamp”, which we sell on the territory of Ukraine, are produced in accordance with German quality standards with the use of outsourced production facilities of Green Power Euroelectric GmbH. The difference is that our prices are kept in line with purchasing power of consumers in Ukraine. Furthermore, our lamps are adapted to the less than perfect operating conditions of Ukrainian power supply network.

Our LED lamps are equipped with a special controller - IC-driver, which prevents them from overheating, flickering and burning out due to power surges. You can see it for yourself at our store simply by pointing your phone camera at any of our LED lamps.

As for the rest, everything is the same as in Germany. Our LEDs are sourced from top manufacturers and we apply strict quality control to all of our products. That is why our LED lamps are covered with a warranty period of up to 5 years. This is much longer than the warranty periods offered by other manufacturers of energy saving lamps, including fluorescent lamps which are no longer produced by our company.

Environmental credentials

Fluorescent energy-saving lamps contain mercury which can pose a health hazard if you break a CFL bulb. It is not recommended to use “spiral” CFL light bulbs, if you have children. LED lamps don’t contain mercury or any other hazardous substances. Therefore, they are as harmless as the old-fashioned incandescent lamps, the only difference being that LED lamps have hundreds of times longer service life and consume up to 10 times less power than their predecessors.

Excellent color and comfort

Furthermore, our LED lamps provide for natural color reproduction without any distortion. This kind of light gives you comfort no matter what you are doing: cooking breakfast, doing some work or having an evening rest with your favorite book.


years on the Ukrainian market

LED lamps by Eurolamp – the best lighting solution at the moment

Cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, natural color rendering and environmental friendliness of Eurolamp LED lamps ensure cost saving and also bring comfort and safety to your home. If used in production process, our LED lamps improve business profitability and make the work process more comfortable and efficient, while reducing the risk of personnel fatigue at work. As of today, this is the best lighting solution for all kinds of premises: from children's rooms and living rooms to warehouses and garages.

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